Futura in context

Futura provides tailored financial solutions to groups and individuals. Our business philosophy encapsulates traditional values combined with an open mindedness to cutting-edge technology and new ways of thinking. Although we recognise that profitability plays a major role in organisational stability and longevity we are nevertheless cost-sensitive regarding our clients’ worlds, without compromising service excellence.

This philosophy is embedded in Futura’s organisational culture. Whilst employees are encouraged to think creatively and innovatively, they are expected to maintain exceptional levels of efficiency and ethics in all their activities. Consequently, the organisation only attracts qualified talent who are drawn to these high standards.

Our current client base is spread across South Africa over a number of sectors such as the agricultural industry,
security industry, labour organisations, governing bodies, retail and wholesale groups, and manufacturing industries.

Some interesting history associated with the
name FUTURA...

The geometric sans-serif typeface FUTURA was designed by Paul Renner and released in 1927. Futura’s near-perfect circles, triangles and squares
were ideal for NASA — the typeface of today and tomorrow.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” - Neil Armstrong said as he stepped onto the surface of the Moon.

The Futura font’s forwardness and simple geometric forms are evident in the lunar plaque Aldrin and Armstrong left behind once they were lifted off
the lunar surface.

NASA made Futura part of humanity’s history half a century ago.

This achievement which moved humanity beyond perceived boundaries, became the inspiration in the year 2000 when Futura SA (Pty) Ltd was formed.

Futura’s leadership is not afraid to take the steps that lead to innovation and positive change.
Our Leadership

Futura’s leadership team has a passion for the retirement industry as we recognise that providing innovative retirement solutions makes a difference in the lives of individuals. We are driven to continuously develop, on behalf of our clients, leading-edge retirement solutions, with a focus on small to medium size enterprises.

Our clients benefit from our management team’s more than 100 years of collective experience in the financial
services industry. It is a leadership team focused on personal attention thereby ensuring that our clients’ best
interests are always a priority. Futura’s successful history is practical evidence of our leadership team’s philosophy.

Futura’s management recognises the shift to a digital era, hence Futura’s unhesitating investment in technology combined with the implementation of high risk management and compliance standards.

We are a truly independent financial services group providing objective advice,which connects our clients with suitable financial solutions.

The principle of transparency and real value for money are uncompromising factors in the minds of our leadership.


Meet our Directors

Marius Jonas

Founder and CEO

Marius, a seasoned employee benefits professional with over 25 years of experience in the Industry, Marius pioneered front office retirement services in the 2000s – aimed at assisting smaller enterprises with retirement fund data management.


Marius served as trustee and chairperson on several Boards of Retirement funds and has extensive experience in all retirement fund related matters.

Awie de Swardt

Managing Director


Awie has over 20 years of experience in the retirement fund industry. His extensive experience in employee benefits consulting to large corporates makes him a strong advocate of real financial solutions to all South Africans.


Awie’s expertise in business negotiations combined with his extensive knowledge regarding the legal and administration aspects of employee benefits makes him an invaluable driving force in Futura.

Anesh Soonder



Anesh has been involved in the retirement funds industry for over 20 years and has fulfilled various roles in the corporate sector as well as in retirement funds.


He is an admitted and practicing attorney, in his own firm, specialising in pensions law. Anesh holds various legal and related qualifications, including BA (Law), LLB, LLM and various certificate courses. Some of the roles he has fulfilled include that of legal advisor, head of compliance, chief operating officer and chief executive officer.


In addition to running a law firm he brings expertise to various boards of retirement funds fulfilling roles such as independent trustee, chairperson and principal officer

Cecile Visser

Financial Director


Cecile is a chartered secretary who has been managing the financial departments for several entities over the past 30 years.


Futura’s financial division as well as the client payroll services business unit fall under Cecile’s watchful eye.

Thabo Thipa



Thabo has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and legal practice. He is an admitted attorney of the High Court with High Court Right of Appearance. Thabo holds a BSoc Sci, LLB (Natal), PG Dip Man Prac (UCT), PG Cert Pension Law (WITS).


He has worked for pension fund administrators, initially as a benefit consultant and later as head of legal services. He also served as a legal practitioner at one of the big five law firms in South Africa. Thabo is no stranger to industry committees and has held leadership roles as a pension lawyer.


He has previously been appointed as the principal executive officer and chairman of the board of trustees of pension funds and has chaired pension tribunals and committees including risk and audit committees. He is a founder and current managing partner of his law firm.

Miranda Mkhumbuzi-Rasehala



Miranda is a legal and regulatory risk professional with 8 years experience in business and legal environments. She is an admitted and practicing attorney, specialising in pensions law. She has sound knowledge in financial services regulations and laws as well as financial standards and procedures.


Her ability to translate this knowledge into forward-thinking business practices is a valued asset in Futura. Miranda holds a BA (Law) and LLB from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Futura SA Administrators (Pty) Ltd is an authorized Financial Services Provider licensed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority in terms of the FAIS Act. License Number 18287 and a licensed Section 13B Administrator number 24/760