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Dear Policy Holder,

The current insurer of the EBFS Burial Society product, WorkersLife Assurance Company, has notified us that they will no longer underwrite our product range, this letter serves to confirm that the underwriting of the cover will be taken over by Sanlam Developing Markets, an authorized FSP: No 11231, as from 1 September 2022.

Due to the high claims experience over the last few months, there will be an increase in the risk premiums the underwriter charges. Your premium will however not be increased immediately, you will be informed of any increase via SMS or be informed by EBFS shortly.

We have compared rates from various insurers, and we remain confident that the rates secured are competitive in the Burial Society market. Please note, moving to Sanlam, your terms and conditions remain the same, your payment method remains the same and your waiting period is not affected, should your premiums be paid to date.

Should you have any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact Sylvia Kelem at EBFS via email at or on 0732621942.

Kind regards,

Harald Langhans
Futura SA Administrators

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